The Disposable Male

It's not about supporting children. All good people will anyway. It's about getting systematically tag teamed by both the state and the ex.
It's about the state government making a profit from the broken homes of children.
It's about the "violation by deceit" of constitutional rights.



I am NOT an attorney. I have a paralegal certificate.
This site is my first amendment public statement to teach how courts work.
It is my legal duty to tell you that if you need legal advice, you should go consult an attorney.
But it isn't my legal duty to believe it. Attorneys are the little obedient bitches of the court.

          All attorneys work for the courts in which they practice first and for you second. Your attorney will look out for your Constitutional rights ONLY IF IT DOESN'T INTERFERE WITH THE COURT ADMINISTERING THE LAW UPON YOUR UNFORTUNATE ASS. And that’s a fact of life. Is it good to have an attorney? Yes it is. But only if you are willing to fight with him as much or more than you are going to fight with the court. Courts will give attorneys information that they will NEVER give to pro se. (Pro se is Latin for you representing yourself) And you can use that information in all kinds of ways to protect your constitutional rights that your attorney will both demand and beg you not do. (Because your attorney works for the court, not for you, and he does not want to look bad before the court. The court is his livelihood.) You really do not have an advocate and you really are alone in this thing. And the sooner you come to grips with that the better.

           I walked out of family court with her having custody of my 5 minor children and me having NO CHILD SUPPORT ORDERS, NO ALIMONY ORDER AND NO ORDERS OBLIGATING ME IN ANY WAY FOR ANYTHING! NOTHING! NADA! ZIP!!! And there is not any reason why anyone cannot do the same thing! There are a hundred different ways to do most things. you just need to pick one and then make a plan to carry it through. Will you fail? That is highly likely. I failed many times before the state quit my case and the court forgave all judgments and debt. But I kept getting back up and making a new plan until I succeeded. You need to keep getting back up also. Now you could in all likelihood do exactly what I did and succeed the first time, but there are many men who refuse to do what that would take. And so they leave themselves no other option but more involved methods. Much of what you do depends on how many assets you are willing to lose. But nothing beats a good ol monkey wrench in the legal machinery!

           Let me explain what I mean. Let me give you a simple monkey wrench example. You pull some sort of legal stunt that ruins the process so that it can not continue. For example, let us say you get a speeding ticket. So, you call the court and set up a hearing. Then the morning of the hearing you call the court and tell them you had an emergency and cannot make it, but that you changed your mind anyway, and that you no longer wish to contest the ticket. You ask the clerk what the cost is to settle the matter and get permission from the court to send them a cashier’s check in the mail instead. So, let’s say the clerk tells you that the cost of the ticket is $200. Go get a cashier’s check for $300 and send it in to pay for the ticket. Or if you are tight, send a cashier’s check for $250. Anyway, the court then cashes your cashier’s check and now they must send you the change. So, they send you a check for the balance. Now what you do is you file the check away and you NEVER CASH IT! What this means is that your case is never closed. It stays open forever! And as a result..... NO POINTS ARE EVER ENTERED ONTO YOUR DRIVING RECORD AND YOUR INSURANCE STAYS LOWCOST AND YOUR RECORD STAYS CLEAN!!! And get this!!! The court could not care less because the fine is paid! Everything is now forgotten about and your driving record is clean! It is illegal? NO!!! It's called throwing a monkey wrench into the law in order to get it to STOP WORKING AGAINST YOU!!! Now you need to conceive of a monkey wrench to throw into the family court to get that court to STOP WORKING AGAINST YOU!!! AND YOUR ATTORNEY IS NOT GOING TO COOPERATE BECAUSE HE IS AN OFFICER OF THE COURT BEFORE HE IS YOUR ADVOCATE!!! You really do not have an advocate and you really are alone in this thing. And the sooner you come to grips with that the better.

           So having said all of that, let me explain what I did to muck up the process so bad it wouldn't work. Then you can decide if you want to do that or some other thing that will screw up what they want to do to you. You have to decide the threshold of pain you are willing to suffer and what assets you are willing to lose or retain or re-earn.

           I do not want to go through my story because it doesn't apply to you. But my ex-wife was the fodder of fairytale stepmother stories. I am a mason by trade. What she did to her stepchildren aside (that would make a best seller) she did heinously evil things to me, forcing me to work out of state, a thousand miles away, (living in a car my oldest daughter gave to me) so that I could make more money as my child support was based on twice my wage and made 3 years retroactive. So, I lived in my cars and eventually a stinky old burned-out motor home so I could keep my children in the family home with her and her pukey lover. I woke up one cold wet rainy day and decided I would rather not go out and work in the rain and mud. I did not mind it when I felt loved. But I had had enough. I knew I could get a degree and have food and a warm bed in prison and decided to risk it. I quit my job, registered for school to become a paralegal and moved in with my 82-year-old mother. I knew that if the law was going to ruin my life, then I should know something about the law. And this was an exceptionally good decision. In the process of formal education, I learned about monkey wrenches, even though they were never mentioned. I began looking for how this or that could muck up another thing. And I found lots of those things. And this is where my story began to turn in my favor. I began to get ideas. The Clintons are masters at this sort of thing.

           I went to my credit union and got a cashier’s check for $10 that was made out to my ex-wife and then I got her social security number off our tax records and began the arduous task of methodically going to every banking institution in the city asking to deposit the check into her account. Time after time I was turned down because she had no account. But eventually I found a place where she did have an account, and I used her social security number to confirm it was her actual account. I deposited the check into her account and watched to memorize the account number the teller wrote on the back of the check. It took me two visits to get that number. Then after that I wrote "For child support only" on the back of every check and started depositing checks every Friday directly into her account there.

           Since quitting my job, I began building brick mailbox posts for cash from homeowners. I made as much or more doing that than I did working out of state, and it was all under the table SO I COULD NOT BE GARNISHED!!! And every Friday I would make a deposit in her checking account. The State child support agency notified me both by telephone and by letter that I could not do this and that none of the money would be credited to child support. I told them I did not hire them. I told them that my ex-wife hired them and that if they were having a problem with their client then they should go talk to her and leave me alone. I told them that constitutionally speaking, absent a felony conviction, the court lacked the authority to force me to form contractual obligations with third parties. I continually told them to leave me alone and to quit harassing me at every opportunity. At hearings, the judge was not happy, and he cussed me out a couple of times. I told him things were not going to change. My attorney quit me and mailed me my case file. He wanted nothing to do with what I was doing. How is that for representation? That dirtbag attorney did not care about my constitutional rights. All he wanted to do to me was the same thing the court and the opposing counsel wanted to do and that was to administer unconstitutional law upon me.

           I never told anyone I was working for cash. They all thought I was unemployed, and I was bringing 5 applications for employment to the court each month, to every hearing, while simultaneously making deposits every Friday. And then in a hearing, when the state accused me of being seriously behind in making child support payments, I dropped the bomb that I was making payments every Friday into her account. And since she apparently does not keep close tabs on that bank account, it was news to my ex also. Well, the state dropped her as a client because she did not turn over any money to the state as I was giving it to her so that they could take their cut and send her the balance back. And I had been doing that for at least 3 months, that is since I quit my California job and moved back to Utah.

           So, I took advantage of the opportunity to use my passport again and I went to Maasin city and met my current wife who I had been conversing with for the previous four years and brought her back to Utah. Then after that Utah accepted my ex-wife as a client again, but I refused to quit doing what I was doing. The judge was not pleased. And frankly nobody was pleased, except me. Anyway, after the fifth hearing, the assistant attorney general stood before the court and quit my case. He said "You know, your honor, I would like to keep doing this..... But I'm not going to." He then proceeded to tell the court why they should forge on in his absence to screw me over and he put his papers in his briefcase and left the hearing. Fifteen minutes later, after the judge gave me a good tongue lashing, telling me how little he thought of me, the court forgave all marital debt, all back support, and all current support orders and that was the end of that. On the way out of the building, the assistant attorney general passed by and said, "Good Job, you did a good job!" and we shook hands and I left the building and haven't been back these nine years since.

           Now that, is a monkey wrench in the family court process. They could not garnish me. They could not put me in jail. They could not fine me. I was after all, consistently paying child support. And the case was closed. And in my state, once a petitioner quits a case, that same case can never be refiled. I was free!

           I will have to get back to this page and write more as I have time. I do not have a lot of spare time. I created this website after my neighbor stood on the railroad tracks and committed suicide because his wife used the bottomless bucket of the power and resources of the great state of Utah to destroy him. Specifically she used Bill Clinton's Federal Child Support Collection Act. This act distributes non-earmarked (potential corruption money) federal money to each state, matching dollar for dollar the amount each state collects in child support. TRANSLATION: Your state collects a $1000 from you in child support and gives that to the mother of your children minus distributed welfare and other things. Your state then shows the Federal Government the receipt and the Federal Government deposits $1000 in your state's bank account to spend however they wish NO STRINGS ATTACHED. The more they can suck out of you, the more money your state can get. The more profitable the state is, the larger the retirement funds, the judges and states attorneys have. And yes, their retirement funds are directly related to the revenue of the state. (Think ethics violation.) Utah alone, with it's teeny tiny population profited more than $60,000,000 last year. This is what everybody whose wife is divorcing him needs to know and doesn't. (Yes, and sometimes husbands.) So, pay close attention, because one has his work cut out for him if he decides to be a free man instead of an indentured servant/slave.